Hear from others
living with Fabry disease.

Hear from others
living with Fabry disease.

Knowing that someone else has been where you are can make all the difference. We have talked to people living with Fabry disease about their experiences and how they have overcome mental health challenges. They are proud to share their stories and they want you and your loved ones to know you are not alone.

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Maurice’s Story

Maurice and his wife Reina share their emotional journey with Fabry disease, discuss how caregivers can provide emotional support (and why they themselves need support), and explain why caring for your mental health should be a priority.

Isabella’s Story

Isabella shares her perspective on the impact of Fabry disease on the mind and why everyone should have the opportunity to get the help and support they need.

Watch a webinar about living with Fabry disease:
Fabry feels: Your mental health matters

Hear Maurice and Reina's journey with mental health after his diagnosis of Fabry disease.

Breaking through the silence

Hear the unique experiences of three individuals living with Fabry disease and the chapters of their journeys.